Dogs of the Debt!

October 1st, 2013

TexasTeaParties.Com is considering a new Program to show the respect due to our Honorable Leaders as they take our country to the dogs.

We are thinking about periodically awarding a Prize to distinguished Politicians who are found worthy. It would be a very competitive prize, one that would have to be awarded only after careful consideration of the virtuous merits of each candidate.

But there are so many worthy individuals not just in the Republican and Democratic Party. There are so many worthy people who think they are too smart to be simply labeled one way or another. All of them should be eligible for the prize.

What candidates should we consider for the first winner?

Who is your selection and why?

Let’s decide who is the first

Dog Of The Debt!

What the Debt Ceiling Means Politically

July 15th, 2011

The request for debt ceiling increase by the Democrats is for the amount of money they need to keep the party going until the 2012 elections. Then the hangover would be on the Republicans’ watch, if they won in 2012.

But the spending problem of the last half of Obama’s term is a continuation of the spending problem of the first half of his term. In fair part that’s what created the current crisis, the first half.

It would be nice to have a fair amount of the pain of these economic readjustments start right away.

The clock that is ticking is the interest rate. It cannot be allowed to move substantially upwards because it would require most of the 1040 income streams to pay it, if it was 6-8%. But the past printing of money by Bernanke is going to cause the interest rate to go up. The time frame is unknown, but let’s say that it could be somewhat before, or somewhat after the 2012 elections.

This is a “double-whammy” – and it’s right around the corner. If the interest rate goes up, the US Government needs debt ceiling increases just to pay the interest.

The window of time is quite short for the required actions, and thus the entire end game of this issue will be based on the decisions made now in the Congress.

Try to influence your Congressmen to not give an inch on the debt ceiling increase. The Democrats and the Washington entrenched interest cannot be trusted to provide offsetting budget cuts.

Call to Action: State of Texas Immigration Reform

April 26th, 2011


As you may know, a number of immigration-related bills, including bills related to employment verification, sanctuary city reform and mandatory reporting on government services to illegal aliens are currently stalled in Texas House committees. If action is not taken soon, these bills could die in committee without a floor vote.

A coalition of local tea party and other grassroots groups have come together to put the House Leadership on notice that stalling on key immigration reform legislation is simply not acceptable to the people of Texas.

If you agree that further stalling on these bills is not acceptable, you are invited to SIGN THE OPEN LETTER to the House Leadership by clicking here:

Comment by Spendulus, your friendly site administrator:

Immigration is a complex issue, but we will have no improvement at the national level, and may even find what they do to be negative. They don’t understand the issue and really don’t care, except to look at it as political football. Please respond to this request to sign the letter and do what else you can to get some action in Texas, for Texas.

Action Alert: Call your state rep, support Redistricting Plan H166 Proposal 2

April 26th, 2011

From the San Antonio Tea Party –

Regarding the state’s redistricting plan, Tea Party groups across Texas are supporting Plan H166- NIXON STATEWIDE HOUSE PROPOSAL 2. The reasons for supporting this plan are:

1. It is more reflective of the voting patterns of the state
2. It is fair and legal
3. It accurately reflects the voters intent -Includes a minimal amount of pairings -Consistently compact where possible
4. It is in compliance with the Voting Rights Act
5. It protects conservative House members
6. It provides for reelection of the conservative freshman House members that the voters elected in an overwhelming mandate in 2010
7. To view the map, click here to go to DistrictViewer, click on “select plans,” and then select “base plan.” Select “Plan H166- NIXON STATEWIDE HOUSE PROPOSAL 2.”

Rep. Burt Solomons has Plan 155, but his map puts some of the most conservative State Reps in districts where they will have to run against others of their party. It clusters conservative voters, which could make it easier for liberals to isolate if there is ever another “liberal wave”. This could cause conservatives to be a minority.

We should call our Reps. in Austin and tell them we support Plan H 166.

George Rodriguez,
President, San Antonio Tea Party

To find out who your representative is so you can call, them, go here.

What is the movie, Atlas Shrugged Part 1?

April 17th, 2011

What is the movie, Atlas Shrugged Part 1? (website here, movie trailer there).

It’s a brilliant adaptation of the first third of Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957. That book has sold almost 7,000,000 copies in the US, with a long list of translations and high overseas sales as well.

The plot pits the “producers” of society, in manufacturing and transportation, against a sundry group of people in government and organizations who would steal the wealth, ideas, and companies of the producers. The producers are the good people. The government, the regulators, and their cronies are the bad people. It’s about what happens if the men of the mind go on strike against the creed of self-sacrifice.

Why a “brilliant adaptation”? The book’s plot was predicated upon issues in steel manufacturing and railroad transportation in the 1950s. The US doesn’t today have much steel, and rail is insignificant for passenger service. So how could the movie producers have adapted the book to a script based in 2016-2017 in which rail and steel were of paramount importance to the US economy? Where did air travel go?

Not giving away the answer here, you’ll have to see the movie for that answer. This question is minor viewed against the major mystery, which is “Where did all the brilliant scientists, and best corporate managers, go?”

Because they….vanished.

Against a backdrop of a society in depression, which eerily parallels the society we have today. Which likely, we shall have more of tomorrow. A society in which an oppressive government growing like a cancer. In which that government spreads its reach into life and thought, relentlessly> In which it takes over industries and activities, in whole or part, as it chooses.

A backdrop in which the resemblance of collectivist buffoons such as Barney Frank to the character Wesley Mouch is simply due to Mouch’s being cast as a stereotype of often seen political collectivists or socialists, rather than a direct disparagement of Frank.

The movie was initially scheduled for 12 small theaters on Tax Day – April 15. As an independent production, it didn’t get mainstream distribution. But by consumer demand, April 15 saw the movie in 300 theaters. The theater we saw it in was packed.

One can speculate that the anti government and anti collectivist, anti establishment tone of the movie may engender a cult following, and likely cause it to be a movie that the younger generation likes. Speculation only. We shall see. Things are said in this movie that are hardly ever said, that many will be uneasy about, and that a prevailing mentality as well as political correctness would suppress.

It’s provocative. Altruism as debased and subverted by government and collectivists, is shown as a seriously bad societal influence. Increasing profit, and wealth, typically thought of as selfishness and greed, is good. Helping others is often mindless pandering by the weak minded to their perception of, and expectation of what society will reward or compliment them for.

As Part 1 concludes, it appears that the arch villains are James Taggart, Francisco d’Anconia, Wesley Mouch, due to their scheming to steal from Hank Reardon, the Taggarts, and other producers.

But are there surprises? Could the arch villains actually be Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart? The plot exists because these people stood alone, and did not vanish with their associates, mentors, and peers. Why?


AAtlas Shrugged Teacher’s Guide by The Ayn Rand Institute

Great movie review and video mashup from HotAir.Com>

The video

The review from HotAir.Com>

Here’s some of what Ayn Rand had to say on that wonderful information transfer system….Youtube!

Message to America by Ayn Rand, 1961

Liberty vs Socialism – Excerpt form Mike Wallace Interview

Saving American Liberty, Excerpt form Mike Wallace Interview

Full Interview by Mike Wallace

Full Interview by Phil Donahue

Full Interview by Tom Snyder

Crossing the Delaware with the Tea Party

April 15th, 2011

One of the inspiring, and pivotal moments in the American Revolution was when General Washington, in the dead of night of Christmas Eve, led a ragged group of volunteers across the Potomac to head on attack the British. In numbers killed, and in the numbers who fought, this battle was inconsequential. Many were shocked, many laughed, many trembled at the retaliation that was sure to come. But it was a victory of the spirit, a pivotal moment, and it set the tone of the fight to come. It was a moment when the tangible possibility of success was realized.

The Tea Parties, and the newly elected Congressional balance has seen a small and perhaps a similar victory with the 38.5 billion savings in the recent budget battles.

Many have scorned this as inconsequential, and have angrily gone back to saying things like “Those Republicans are no different than Democrats! They are both hopeless and corrupt!”. And some of these actively hope that with their ridicule will come discouragement, and with that discouragement, the Tea Party will fade away. They would have it be remembered if at all, as an embarrassing blink in the progressive history of the new decade. The mainstream media has found problems with the 38.5 billion, and found ways to point the finger of accusation at Boerner.

Of course the status quo is fostered by glibly repeating a meme that “the two parties are the same”. Those attitudes defocus and splinter groups with objectives and goals, leaving nothing but anger and frustration. Frustration, that nothing can apparently be done to change Washington, and anger, that such would be the case. That is the time to renew and double the focus.

We see attempts to misdirect and divert the conversation from reckless spending, to social issues such as the funding of Planned Parenthood and the defunding of NPR (both of which would certainly be good things, certainly). But social issues are derails, and the message is clear and simple: Taxed Enough Already.

New and interesting trends converge in Washington.

On the one hand, there is the Tea Party, who seems to be aligned with the major block of Americans, and a large group of Republican Congressmen who have adopted the “Taxed Enough Already” principles as their platform.

On the other side, there is the current Administration, and the Democrats.

The conversation now in the halls of Congress, is the message and the issues the Tea Party first brought to national attention in February 2009 with a wave of peaceful demonstrations that eventually were attended by millions of people. This conversation is about the debt, the spending, and the immediacy of the job of Congress to fix it.

The first step, the 38.5 billion, was a small one, but to understand it adequately, we need to go back to 2-2009, when the first Tea Party rallies arose spontaneously in the USA. These people knew instinctively – well before Obama’s 5.1 Trillion deficit as of 4-2011 – the course of what was to come with spending and the loss of value of the US dollar. To their credit, they warned us that the first “stimulus” of some 1 Trillion would be only the tip of the iceberg. When they rose up to warn people, they were ridiculed and insulted.

They were and are smeared with the pornographic label “Teabagger”.

They were a diverse group. Many went back to their day jobs and their friends and associates remaining silent about their political protests. Many stayed silent when in groups, and endured the misinformation and misunderstandings of their friends and associates about the Tea Party. They understood that this was due to media propaganda, and they had patience. They came to understand that most of their friends and associates would go with whatever they thought was the prevailing wind in politics, and others didn’t really care at all.

They went to Washington DC, a place many had not been before. They formed lines hundreds of people long to enter Congressmen’s and Senators’ offices. In those offices, they asked politely for action on key items.

It was well into 2010 before mainstream media came to grapple with this phenomenon, and then, sparingly.

Hints of the coming storm were available with the Scott Walker election, and the town hall debates about Obamacare. For those who followed the story, which went largely unreported in the mainstream media, (if not actively misreported and misrepresented), a curious new thing arose.

Ordinary people were reading thousand page bills, while Congressmen not only were not, but smirked at such a job. Ordinary people either found they could reason better than the Congressmen whom they talked with, or perhaps found in surprise that they had entered into a debate with a Congressman whom they’d caught flat footed. Congressmen who in past eras of complacency had gotten away with a sloppy understanding and grasp of the facts. Congressmen who discovered, had never had a reason to pay attention to the details of what he was voting on.

With the November 2010 election, perhaps some mistakes were made. Some Senate candidates with strong Tea Party backing lost, and some won, but a the largest sweep of the House in 70 years was made. Some strong Tea Party candidates lost, because of incumbent popularity, basic socialist sentiment in that district. or other factors.

Don’t forget – politics is local, and injecting national attitudes into a state election may result in a candidate that the locals don’t want. And to an incumbent threatened by the new wave of fiscal conservatives, a weak opponent, out of touch with hot buttons in that state, would be a godsend.

Progressives now believe in a strategy of waiting, obfuscating, and appearing to hijack the issues of concern. With this, they believe, the Tea Parties and their enthusiasm will fade away. Things in Washington will be back to normal. Deals will be made, of the shrinking wealth of the nation. They believe that their Socialist agenda, coupled with the weaker socialist agenda of the RINO Republicans, will be back into vogue. Or, and more tragically, they believe that in a weakened and economically depressed country, they can make inroads which would not be possible in one prosperous through capitalism.

Every single day since the budget compromise was announced, there has been a new story and new insight into what did and did not occur. Much of this is “new spin” by vested political interests or their shills. This isn’t going to change, instead, it will get more intense. The dissembling, the smoke and mirrors will also increase. As the vested interests find themselves more and more under examination, and under attack, and they will counterattack..

That we should expect years of crises, hysteria, and fear mongering ahead is not bad, and it is not reason for hopelessness. It is the fight that we wanted and the reality that we wanted exposed to daylight. Now we can see clearly, due to the extraordinary times, what stuff the people in Washington are made of. And we see that what they got away with in the good times when people looked the other way, is now in the spotlight.

At such a time, it is the time to stand firm on principles, not give in to compromise on those principles, and stick to the simple realities of common sense applied to spending. Behind every promise made by a politician, is the reality of committee decisions; behind every committee, is a forged compromise, behind every compromise on the deficit made today, is fiscal madness and the decline of the US economy.

President of NAR would take us back to the 1990s

February 10th, 2011

The president of the National Association of Realtors, Ron Phipps, has sent the following letter to members, in which he says:

In the days ahead, NAR will be reaching out to Congress and the White House to emphasize the clear connection between housing, jobs and the economy. Rather than limit support for housing, and the availability of credit, NAR is calling on Congress and the White House to advance policies that will move the housing market back to a healthy 5.5 million sales, where it SHOULD be.

We will be asking lawmakers to:

* Preserve the mortgage interest deduction at current levels.
* Move the credit pendulum to equilibrium, defined by a median credit score of 720.
* Maintain government backing in the mortgage market as part of GSE Reform.

These three steps would help bring the housing market back to a normal level, possibly generating an additional 1 million home sales and 500,000 jobs.

As the voice for real estate, we hope that Congress and White House gets the message: real estate is all about jobs.

Here is my reply as posted on his blog.

I suggest that your three points sort of want to hope to move us back to the 1990s, instead of moving forward. We’re not going backwards. The problem now with housing is artificially high prices, which seems to be related to foreclosed loans being held by the Government (whether the Fed, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) instead of being auctioned in the private sector. This causes a looming disaster if the percent of loans owned and managed by the US Government increases instead of decreases.

There is nothing wrong with the government being the underwriter of last resort, IF AND ONLY IF the loans provided are at market risk. If they are not, as has been the case with mandated policies of loaning to minorities, then there is what we call “Moral Hazard” in such underwriting. That means that eventually, the bill will become due as those moral hazards create market failures.

Further I suggest examination of the issue of inflation. In the past, serious inflation is accompanied by low unemployment. You suggest policies which would improve housing, and lower unemployment, and therefore, your suggestions would directly create inflation.

Inflation at this time would be the natural result of the some $5 Trillion dollars printed, but it’s being artificially staved off by repressing several market sectors. Of these, housing is the key. The result of your suggestions would likely create something quite worse than the inflation we saw in the Carter years, when home loans surpassed 15%. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You see, not only must that $5T be absorbed into the money supply with a consequent weakening of the US dollar, but that deficit spending will possibly continue even with the recent changes in Congress. Right now you can see their policies, as housing is stagnant and yet energy and food prices are rising. This is purposeful, and is due to the fact that government controlled entities can and will affect housing prices, demand curves and the effective interrest rates for those business sections.

Atlas Shrugged. The movie. April 15, 2011.

March 31st, 2011

Atlas Shrugged. The movie. April 15, 2011.

The Youtube trailer. Over 1M views.

On April 15, Atlas Shrugged: Part I will be released in theaters in select cities around the country. Request it to be shown in your city here

Ron Phipps, President of NAR proposes the Solution is More-of-the-Problem

April 7th, 2011

Two issues that disconnect with reality here in this podcast:

1. Ron Phipps suggests it is very important to “keep the home mortgage deduction”. He doesn’t acknowledge that it’s been limited for higher income persons for some time, or that inflation has moved a great many more people into the brackets where it is limited.

2. He thinks it’s very important to have a successor to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, if these are phased out, so as to have continuity in the secondary mortgage market. In particular, he advocates at the Congressional level, action to keep the 30 year fixed mortgage concept available.

But think about this for a moment. How can a government force a particular loan structure on a business segment? When a government is printing money like crazy, one effect of the resulting expectation of future inflation due to the current and expected future money expansion is to destroy confidence in long term loan contracts. 30 years is quite long. So the result in the market is to reduce the availability of the 30 year product.

Since the 30 year product isn’t profitable, and since Fannie May and Freddy Mac buy almost all residential mortgages now, what Phipps is acually proposing is that a government agency, which may be a successor to FMFM, continue to buy 30 year mortgage products so that the attractive features of those mortgages will continue to be available to consumers.

But that enshrines the US Government as the holder of the mortgage of the US taxpayer. Gone forever is the secondary mortgage market, because it doesn’t want these bad deals. In turn this means that all foreclosures result in US Government owning property.

What happens if they don’t release such property at auction, but hold it for the income streams from rent as well as mortgage payments? Do they set the sales prices of the properties? They do now…

That’s back door socialism, when the government owns the real estate. Ownership by incremental measures, yes….5, 10, 20%, but none the less, it is socialism.

Phipps argues for an expanded role of government in these socialist functions and methods. But they are what got us in this mess in the first place, a decades long track record of the US Government encouraging 30 year mortgages with below market interest rates for the true risk of the products.

As the solution, Phipps proposes more of the problem.

Texas and it’s part in the approaching Great Deconstruction

November 10th, 2010

This article describes the “deconstruction” that must occur in municipalities, states and federal agencies to correct the imbalances in money available versus demands for the future decades.

By all respects, Texas is doing great compared to CA, NY, or the USA. Most of the jobs created in the USA in the last last several years were in Texas. But is that enough, and could we do better?

It just seems smart that we also, should look at the agencies, the pensions, and the costs both at the state, city and county level in order to see where and how we can do things smarter, quicker and more transparently.

That seems to be right down Tea Party Alley, as a task for people to dig into who are “Taxed Enough Already”.

Auto Draft

March 17th, 2011

Texas is the economic engine of the future, these charts say.

October 20th, 2010

Looks like that is where all the private sector jobs are coming from — what industry?

This is the future – small meetings – dedicated people – taking their country back.

October 12th, 2010

An email from North Texas Mid Cities Power to the People illustrates what’s happening in all of our communities:

Announcing a new Meetup for North TX Mid Cities Power to the People!!

What: Get Involved-Get the Conservative Vote Out!

When: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:00 PM

Where: Spring Creek Barbeque
1509 Airport Fwy
Bedford, TX 76021
(817) 545-0184

RSVP to this Meetup:

No charge for the meeting, but we will all need to purchase your own meal. There is a Separate Meeting Room we can use here if we can have a decent turn-out. (*The menu includes huge “Baker’s” [loaded potatoes], PLUS awesome/yummy salads for those who might not care for BBQ, or might want to eat lite.*)

For this meeting, show up early (like 6:20) to get in line for your food, and get a good seat, and get to know your fellow ‘like minded’ conservative MID-CITIES neighbors!! We plan to wrap up about 8 pm. I am very excited to meet you~so please do yourself and all of us a favor, and JOIN US! Bring a Friend!

We will have some instructions for everyone who wants to:

* Make Phone Calls for Conservative Candidates
* Provide Office Help
* Add a Personal Touch, Walk a Neighborhood
* Learn how to WATCH FOR VOTER FRAUD at the Polls
* …and more!

San Antonio Channel 9 Liberal Bias Action Request Feb 8, 2011 (Tuesday)

February 6th, 2011

George Rodriguez sent the following memo about an upcoming panel discussion with considerable bias in the local Spanish news station. Please read and take some action as requested.



KLRN Channel 9 is hosting a panel discussion on immigration on 2-8-11. But if you read the attached news article, you will see that the panel includes only liberal Hispanics. I think it’s time to again call the station to complain about this phony discussion which exclude any conservative points of view. The phone number and e-mail is attached. Please hone or e-mail the station and demand equal, fair and balance discussions. It is being organized by Victor Landa, and his e-mail is below, too. Please let them hear our voice.

Thank you.
George Rodriguez
Juan Seguin Society
San Antonio Tea Party

KLRN phone: 210-270-9000 or 800-627-8193


Who is Victor Landa and what does he believe?

At times, Victor Landa engages in what would be called smear tactics if it wasn’t outright fantasy. For example, in his NewsTaco article “GOP Hits The Ground Going Backwards Landa produces this ridiculous assertion:

The Republican’s are also inching their way toward the deportation of the 12 to 18 million (depending on who’s counting) undocumented taxpayers who live and work in the US. What they are not mentioning is what this would look like, or how much it would cost. But we’ve got an idea. At last count it costss $12,500 dollars to deport one person. Multiply that by 12 million. The Republican idea to deport undocumented persons would cost $150 billion.

In his San Antonio Express News article, “Bet on More Rhetoric Than Results” Landa moans the fact that he expects a lack of “actual forward movement” with the new Congress. That’s certainly true when one defines “actual formward movement” as the socialist and progressive agenda of Barack Obama and George Soros.

Landa’s made no secret of his strong beliefs in free and open borders, euphemistically called “immigration reform”.

Our politicians may be more partisan than before, more intransigent than before and less willing to compromise than before, but they’re not totally inept. They’re good at getting elected. So bills will be debated and votes will be cast, but actual forward movement will be sluggish…

Exactly what conservatives, those whom the American people voted in large numbers into the House of Representatives, consider “action” to Victor Landa is not “actual forward movement”.

North Houston / Woodlands Tax Day Tea Party April 16 6 PM at the Woodforest Stadium

March 31st, 2011

Join your friends and neighbors at the Annual Tax Day Tea Party at the Woodforest Stadium in the Woodlands, Texas.

Date: April 16, 2011  6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Stadium Address:

19115 David Memorial Dr.

Shenandoah, TX 77385

For information & tickets visit:

Guest speakers include Dan Patrick (State Senator), Representative Steve King (Congressman who introduced the Bill to Repeal Obamacare), Herman Cain (potential Presidential Candidate), Anita MonCrief (ACORN Whistleblower), Ben Streusand (Chairman, Texas Chapter, Americans for Prosperity),  Dr. Earl Johnson (Founder Texas Constituent’s Tea Party) and more.   Gates open at 5:00 p.m.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for some entertainment, information and fun while we work together to Restore the American Dream.

Auto Draft

March 18th, 2011

Dallas Tea Party Invites all to April 15 Tax Day Tea Party 2011

March 31st, 2011

From their email –

Following up on the smashing success of last year, Mel Moss and the Arlington Tea Party crew are heading up Lone Star Tax Day Tea Party 2011–and from the looks of things, THIS SHOW IS GONNA ROCK!

In addition to a full slate of outstanding speakers, this year’s show will feature KRISTA BRANCH and JEREMY DODGE, two of the top young artists performing today.

Krista Branch has been using her amazing musical talent to spread her pro-America, pro-freedom message all across the country, with performances on Fox & Friends, Money Rocks with Eric Bohling, and Fox News Strategy Room, to name a few. You’ll find Krista’s picture in the dictionary next to ‘rising star.’

Dallas Tea Party Issues Endorsement for President of the United States to…?

April 1st, 2011



After careful consideration, the Steering Committee of the Dallas Tea Party has made two monumental decisions.

FIRST, effective as of today, The Dallas Tea Party will be vetting and openly endorsing candidates for public office at all levels.

We did not come to this decision lightly. We have considered all points of view, and have given them all due consideration. On balance, it is our unanimous decision that the voters should no longer be left to find their own way without our reasoned guidance and direction. From now on, we will be giving voters the direction they need to make the right decisions at the polls. The stakes are simply too high, and our opinions are too important and valuable, to risk the chance that voters may make the wrong decisions.

SECOND, it is with great pleasure and pride that we announce Dallas Tea Party’s very first formal endorsement.

This man has been a Senate leader for many years.

He has been in the middle of every key floor battle, standing on his principles.

Whether it was the Senate battle over ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ the fight over cap and trade, or any of the other key battles on the Senate floor, the people of South Carolina have had a staunch and unwavering advocate in Washington.

It may be comforting to assume that Barack Obama will be easy to defeat in 2012, but this is by no means certain, The right candidate to take on Barack Obama will need rock-solid principles and an ability to connect to Americans on fundamentals. The difference between the right candidate and the wrong one may very well mean the difference between victory and defeat.

On one level, the decision of the right presidential candidate was a tough decision. On another level, it wasn’t that tough at all.

There’s a saying, ‘when you’ve hacked off everybody equally, you’ve probably done it about right.’

On that score, the Senator from South Carolina has done it about perfectly.

In contrast to our current Commander-in-Chief, he rarely, if ever, shrinks from a fight.

He’s been a staunch critic of ‘birthright citizenship.’

He is a solid defender of the Second Amendment, rated ‘A’ by the National Rifle Association.

He’s been willing to “throw out the playbook” when it comes to getting Republican judicial nominees confirmed.

He has shown himself capable of building effective coalitions and leading the charge for constructive change.

For tese reasons and many more, we hereby formally endorse, for President of the United States…



What is a “conservative house speaker?” Note regarding the 1/10/2011 Texas House Caucuse

January 12th, 2011

The promoted issue of Texas conservatives influencing Texas state representatives to elect a “Conservative House Speaker” has died on the vine as only a few of the Republican caucus sided with those backing Joe Paxton.

I personally have to confess some ignorance on all the ramifications of this matter but here is what I do know. This is largely a matter of “social conservatism”, not “Fiscal and economic conservatism”.

The Tea Party was and likely will continue to be successful and influential at the national level to the extent that it continues to focus on economic issues.

T.E.A. = Taxed Enough Already

The Tea Party is comprised of several factions including traditional religious right, independents, libertarians, fed up Democrats, and others with no clear affiliations. We are pretty much in agreement that nationally, the Tea Party should stay clear of social issues. That’s because the economic problems have a clear priority. Many of us think that a smaller national government is better, one that extends it’s tentacles into fewer aspects of our lives.

But what then should conservatives do at the state and local level? I don’t have any problem with a push for a conservative house speaker, but at the same time, I don’t clearly understand what that would mean for the state. More importantly, I think that with Texas facing a 20B shortfall in funding the next year, we need a focus on fiscal conservatism much more than anything else right now. Looking at a recent interview by the state Tea Parties with Straus and Paxton, there are few differences in their apparent stands on issues. We know Straus is pro gambling, and we know Paxton is pro life.

Given the resounding defeat of Paxton in the Monday caucus, I have a suggestion. Texas representatives are not across the board RINOS, that is a ridiculous proposition. If they overwhelmingly supported Straus, the Tea Party groups should strive to understand the reasons.

Should people promote their own opinions on social issues at the state or local level instead of national? Absolutely! If you are not promoting them at the national level due to principles of small federal government, then it follows that the state and local level is the correct place. But what should be the priorities at this time? Are we in Texas immune from the economic catastrophe of California? Or is it just coming a bit further down the road?

That’s the memo.



PS: If I’ve been running this blog since 2-2009 and trying to stay informed on issues, and I don’t clearly understand the implications of a “Conservative House Speaker for Texas”, it would seem to be the case that those implications and advantages for the state resulting from this switch have not been clearly articulated. That’s a problem whether this issue or others is the matter of advocacy of the moment”.

Pension Funds Grabs Increase

January 3rd, 2011

Summary of takeovers of private pension plans by governments in Europe.

And this doesn’t include the South America takeovers, which include Argentina and Venezuela,

The rule is if it’s a big fat pile of cash and it’s within reach, take it.

Big Words by Little Men: “Quantitative Easing”.

November 12th, 2010

The phrase “Quantitative Easing” is enough to make anyone stop reading instantly. Well, maybe that was what it was intended to do. Because if you keep reading, you will see the lies.

QE is said to stimulate the economy by inflating the economy. Economists say it will cause the US dollar to lose 20% of it’s value. Now there is a simple way to understand what it actually does – just compare with a similar action by a private company.

Suppose a private company wants to raise cash to pay expenses. It does a stock offering for 25% additional capital with share price at $10, and 1,000,000 shares out. The result is 1,250,000 shares and the price becomes 1M/1.25M*10 = $8. On the contrary, suppose the company raised that cash and went out and bought hard assets, like mines or oil wells. Then the company owns more stuff, so it’s value might be 1,250,000 shares still at $10. Or even higher.

What the US government is doing with QE2 is the first case. Just substitute the US dollar for “stock shares”. That’s why it’s been estimated that after the effects of QE2 hit the economy, the US Dollar assumed to now be worth $1.00 will be worth $ 0.80.

Everybody in the US will be poorer, but the Government will have gotten some money out of thin air to pay it’s bills for six or nine more months. Yes, some part of that money will go to retirees on Social Security and in other ways will be redistributed back into the economy.

The obvious problem is that this addiction to spending in excess of cash reciepts won’t stop with QE2. They’ll be forced to do it again, and again. This unless prevented will destroy all the savings and wealth of the country.

How can this outcome be prevented? The only way is to support those politically who can and will make tough decisions, while at the same time trying to protect one’s self, family and business from the ill effects of such events. Both methods are important, and the effort to stop the process politically may fail, or may only succeed in part, or may be too little, too late.

And it’s important to understand the extent to which the scheme is being presented with the clever use of propaganda: “Quantitative Easing 2 Will Stimulate the Economy”.

No, that’s not true. It’s the theft of national treasure through dilution of the monetary base, otherwise known as “printing money”.

Or like we said two years ago and some just have not heard the message, “When dead pigs fly, pork’ll stimulate”.

Okay, here’s more. QE2 Explained in cartoons.

Obama WH rewrote Gulf spill report to support moratorium

November 10th, 2010

That’s what the Inspector General says, and the one doing the rewriting under Obama director of the WH Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy – informally she’s known as the “Energy Czar” (Senate confirmation NOT REQUIRED).

Browner is a radical environmentalist with clear cut ties to socialist organizations. When the Obama transition team hired her they stated there was nothing wrong with that. Now evidence has arose that Browner changed the Inspector General’s report to protect the pre determined desired conclusion of the Obama administration – stop the drilling.

Why was the staff of energy “adviser” Carol Browner allowed to edit a report issued by the Department of Interior’s blue-ribbon panel in the first place? ….This is no mere academic exercise. Thousands of people lost their jobs because of this supposed instance of sloppy editing, and the delay it created in safe exploration and drilling may impact the region for years, as well as America’s energy independence.

So what is the agenda here? Assist states with non productive car manufacturers, penalize states with productive business like oil drilling?

Nov 20 – Sheriff Mack in Fort Worth and Dallas

November 10th, 2010

“Sheriff Mack- free speaking event Fort Worth and Dallas on Nov 20”

Sheriff Richard Mack fought the Unconstitutional Brady Bill and won at the US Supreme Court level. Invite elected officials, law enforcement and neighbors to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden on Nov 20 where Sheriff Mack speaks from 2-4PM. Be inspired by his example in defending our liberties. Flyers avail here: Sponsors include Oathkepers, 9-12 and the Articles of Freedom. Free event but support to cover costs is appreciated!

From Sara, Mid Cities Power to the People email list.

Does Ron Paul take Barney Frank’s place?

November 5th, 2010

From Lew Rockwell’s blog, THE LRC BLOG

If the Republicans weren’t dishonest, and entirely in the pocket of the big banks, Ron Paul would be taking Barney Frank’s place as chairman of the finance committee. Not satisfied with blocking him there, they have even kept him out of the chairmanship of the monetary policy subcommittee, as Barney has frequently remarked. The first time the Republicans erased Ron’s seniority; the second time, they imported a congressman from another committee to take the job; the third time, they temporarily abolished the subcommittee. This time, I think they would fear the backlash, so Ron will probably be chairman. If so, I can’t wait for his hearings on the QE2, the gold, the business cycle, and much else.

But what’s in the interest of the people, and the Tea Parties in this matter? The Tea Party, may I remind everyone is: T.E.A.: Taxed Enough Already.

And it’s the Financial Services Committee of the House where the problems of the money supply and the endless printing of money must be addressed. Ron Paul has long fought this issue, often with little or no support from his constituents. Now a great many in the American public have came around to many of his views.

We have Michelle Bachman initiating a Constitutional Caucus, that to be the largest caucus in the House. It will serveto educate and remind House members of the US Constitution as it may and should affect their work.

The question is: Can and should the Tea Parties support Ron Paul being the head of this important committee?

Solving Texas part of the immigration and drug problem.

October 10th, 2010

You want to solve the immigration and drug problems?

Just put 1,000 Texas Rangers on the border.

“Your men have never done it. The Rangers have never failed to do it”.

– United States Senator from Texas, General Sam Houston, 1858, testifying before Congress criticizing the ineffectiveness of the Federal Frontier Guard.

Problem solved. Next?